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Machine Translation Service

Quicker, cheaper translations powered by AI

Harness the power of machine translation and Generative AI for effortlessly multilingual branded content. Our unique methodology combines the best of both worlds for translation quality comparable to human translators but with up to 70 percent cost savings.


Why use Milengo's machine translation services?

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Faster turnaround for high-volume translations

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Up to 70 percent cost savings

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Driven by neural networks and Generative AI

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Machine translation post-editing according to ISO 18587

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Free pilot project for enterprises

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Machine translation post editing

Milengo ensures the adequacy of machine translation engines with a human in the loop to monitor and correct errors in the machine-generated output. This added step of machine translation post editing guards your texts and terminology, eliminating the risk of your multilingual content being inaccurate and unprecise, while keeping costs down. With Milengo's machine translation, you can confidently go to market knowing your translations have been vetted by an expert native speaker.

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Unparalleled cost efficiency

Want to engage a larger global audience at a significantly lower cost? Our innovative blend of machine translation and Generative AI gives you just that.

Milengo's vast experience adds unparalleled speed and efficiency to your global content strategy. Access pioneering AI language translation technology that delivers outputs virtually indistinguishable from human translators, while reducing expenses by up to 70 percent.

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Customized to your company and industry

Using correct terminology and maintaining consistency in brand names and model names is critical to avoid confusion in technical documents and specialized industries.

Our Machine Translation department customize machine translation and Generative AI systems to provide tailored machine translation services based on your brand identity and industry. This means you can sit back, and enjoy a stress-free path to achieving the highest language quality for your brand. 

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A decade of best practices

Our service spectrum extends from initial consultation and planning to the ongoing training and optimization of data and linguistic assets for machine translation engines.

Based on our experience and research, Milengo’s engineers and solutions architects pick the best system for your individual requirements regarding language combination, content type and industry to achieve the full scope of benefits possible.

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What types of content is best suited for machine translation?

When it comes to machine translation, not all content is created equal.


Machine translations work best for simple, repetitive content such as product descriptions, technical documents, and internal documents and communications. It is not the best solution for creative or specialized content that requires an understanding of cultural nuances.


This non-exhaustive list showcases popular content types that typically work well with machine translations:

  • Assembly instructions
  • Customer support material
  • E-commerce websites
  • Educational materials
  • Forums
  • In-house communication
  • Internal documentation
  • Knowledge bases
  • Legal documents
  • Online help and documentation
  • Parts and product catalogs
  • Product information
  • Software UI
  • Support documents
  • Technical manuals
  • User-generated content
  • User guides
  • Standard marketing materials

Pick your service level

To safeguard quality when using machine translation, human post-editing is necessary.

But just how much human involvement do you need? We provide a range of service options that enable you to choose the level of human involvement based on your content, budget, and timelines.


Milengo ensures the adequacy of machine translations with a human “co-pilot” to monitor and correct errors in the AI engine output.

This added step guards your texts, eliminating the risk of your multilingual content being inaccurate and unprecise, so you can confidently go-to-market knowing your translations have been vetted by a native speaker.

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Machine Translation Post Editing

Our linguists will fully edit the machine-generated output. This produces an accurate and comprehensible translation that thoroughly reflects your terminology and other requirements. Intended for technical content where linguistic precision and terminological accuracy matter most.

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Machine translation is assuming ever greater relevance within the professional language services industry. We have a wealth of experience in developing customized machine translation and post-editing solutions for our customers, in order to meet their dual objectives of high-quality translations at highly competitive prices

Sarita Vasquez – Machine Translation Product Owner, Milengo

Try our machine translation service

Pilot projects can give you a realistic view of project outcomes and effectiveness. In this pilot, Milengo’s specialists investigate whether machine translation would be a viable option for your languages and content types.

Discover the unlimited possibilities of Milengo's AI-powered machine translation service.

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Machine translation is a quick and cost-effective method of automating translations. Traditional machine translation uses rule-based or probabilistic machine learning methods to translate text from one language to another. Today’s era of modern machine translation runs on Neural Machine Translation (NMT). This system relies primarily on neural networks, which are a type of deep learning architecture, to learn the mapping between input and output languages.

NMT models have shown remarkable success in capturing complex linguistic patterns and dependencies. These networks have been a huge leap in the advancement of machine translation, thanks to their ability to capture contextual information and relationships between words in a sentence and improve (self-learn) each time post-edits are made (Human-in-the-loop).

This technology enables machine translation customization through a process called fine-tuning or domain adaptation. The outcome is more fluent outputs that are trained and customized based on your company's style and word choices.
The precision of machine translation outputs highly depends on factors such as: language pairs, topic complexity, and source text quality.

Neural networks have improved the contextual understanding and fluency of machine-generated translations. For certain domains and common language pairs, modern machine translations produce outputs almost indistinguishable from human translations for certain topics.

At Milengo, we combine machine translation and generative AI in a unique methodology that produces more fluent and more accurate translations at significantly lower costs.
Many companies opt for machine translation due to its speed and cost-effectiveness. These factors make machine translation highly suitable for translating large volumes of content at a relatively low cost compared to human translation.

At Milengo, we enhance our machine translation technology by integrating it with industry-specific translation databases to ensure that industry-specific terminology is correctly translated.
Raw machine translations may be prone to inaccuracies, especially when dealing with creativity and interpreting context. They often need support from humans with content such as jokes, idioms, cultural nuances and other language complexities. For this reason, it is essential to review important texts both before and after applying machine translation to ensure your source text is free from ambiguous contexts and that your text has been translated accurately.
Milengo offers machine translations in 220+ language pairs.
We offer a range of AI-powered machine translation services with varying levels of quality levels to suit your translation project needs. Depending on your content's objective, you can choose between simple, accurately translated texts to ensure end-users understand clearly, customized and branded outputs that match your brand voice, or creatively translated outputs to convey ideas and emotions across cultures.

Schedule a consultation call with our localization experts and they will be happy to advise you on how to best incorporate machine translations into your localization strategy.