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Marketing Translation Services

Boost global reach with high impact marketing translations

Whether you're translating a website, conducting international SEO, localizing advertising campaigns, or adapting marketing materials, well-localized content shows your global customers that you care. We provide the team, tools, and tactics to successfully localize your international marketing strategies.


Why is Milengo your ideal marketing translation partner?

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Specialists in marketing translation services since 1991

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Experienced in SEO translations and transcreation

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Proficient in B2B and B2C content localization

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Robust integrations with your sales & marketing platforms

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Highly automated content review cycles

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Go beyond words: convey emotions and ideas

We work with skilled, multilingual communicators who have a knack for creative translations to ensure your brand's messages resonate with audiences around the world.

Milengo draws from a curated pool of over 1,200 experienced translators, writers, and editors covering more than 80 languages. With a deep understanding of cultural nuances, we deliver conversion-oriented marketing, content and website translation services that go beyond word-for-word translations.

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One consistent, multilingual brand voice

Milengo pairs brand style guides with terminology management to seamlessly integrate processes and standardize brand-specific terms, such as product names or names of company spokespeople.

Preserve your brand identity and tone of voice in all target markets and formats – from global SEO on websites, whitepapers, and newsletters to product videos, press releases, and social media content.

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Remove roadblocks in reviewing

Companies often face hiccups in the translation review process, and it's easy to see why. Without proper workflows in place, and with documents being sent back and forth via email, things can get confusing fast.

Our proprietary translation project management tool, LanguageDesk, optimizes and automates this collaboration process so your regional reviewers can easily proofread translations and instantly send feedback in one centralized space. Reduce translation friction to get your global marketing campaigns off the ground quicker across continents.

Fine-tune translation processes
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No more managing text in spreadsheets

Nobody wants to spend their time copying and pasting text from one place to another, especially in a language they do not understand. With Milengo, there is no need for that!

We offer a technology-agnostic localization platform that integrates with your existing martech stack. Be it HubSpot, Salesforce, WordPress or Contentful, this technical foundation eliminates repetitive tasks, letting you focus on building your business through streamlined global marketing and communications.

Automate your translations
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All-round Marketing Translation Services

Marketing and Communications consists of many different types of assets and content, from advertising campaigns, brochures, and press releases to videos, websites, and blogs. No matter the type of content you need translated, we have the expertise and native-speakers to deliver top-quality translations.

Traditional marketing translation

Translate marketing materials with a consistent brand voice in all languages.

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Website translation services

Get end-to-end support to export, translate, and upload localized content for your website.

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SEO Translations

Incorporate the right local keywords into translations to increase your company's global search engine rankings.

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Audio & video translations

Translate your multimedia into any language. Includes transcriptions, subtitling, dubbing, and multilingual voiceovers.

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Beyond word-for-word translation. These creative translations will communicate emotions and ideas with cultural nuances in mind.

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Sales & Marketing Tool Integrations

One of the many perks you can expect from our marketing translation services is the elimination of manually transferring translations from spreadsheets to production platforms. These are some of the systems our translation tools can integrate with.

  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • Contentful
  • HubSpot
  • Marketo
  • Salesforce
  • Sitecore
  • WordPress
  • ...and many more!

Milengo is able to adapt to a variety of requirements for file formats, document layouts and editorial content management systems. They handle everything from last minute requests to large, complex translation projects

Natalja Kreher – Translation Manager, C3 Creative Code & Content

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Connect with a Milengo expert today. Whether you're looking to translate your website or marketing content, we’d love to discuss your requirements and consult you on our best-in-class marketing translation services.

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Marketing translation involves adapting marketing materials like advertisements, press releases, brochures, websites, and content to engage and convert audiences in different languages or countries. It plays a critical role in a company's international marketing strategy by allowing them to build brand awareness in different markets by resonating with regional audiences on a local level.
Good marketing translations go beyond simple word-for-word translations. They require linguists to creatively translate content that effectively appeals to and conveys emotions and ideas to audiences who not only speak different language but likely also have different cultural backgrounds.

Furthermore, in the age of digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) copywriting is an important factor to allow your company to be found online. Translating digital content with SEO in mind requires translators who possess knowledge of SEO best practices.

Marketing materials also present the challenge of coming in many different file formats (video, text, images, ppt, pdf, etc.). This means they require additional software, tools, and expertise such as desktop publishing or video editors to reintegrate translations back in for final delivery.
To minimize the manual efforts in exporting content for translations then re-importing translated content back in for publishing, we provide integrations with major CMS platforms. At the start of your project, our dedicated engineering team will consult and assist with setting up streamlined processes for this data export and import so your team have more time to focus on producing awesome content.
Common marketing materials that companies translate include websites, blogs, brochures, e-books, advertisements, product descriptions, and social media content.
The consistency of your brand voice can be maintained and harmonized through assets such as glossaries and style guides, sharing good past examples, and working with experienced translators who can embody the voice and tonality of your brand.
Criteria to consider include: experience with translating marketing content, the availability of native-speaking marketing translators for your required languages, desktop publishing capabilities, technical integrations with your martech tools, and quality assurance processes.
Project timelines vary based on the complexity of the subject and volume of content. It is advisable to discuss expectations and deadlines with your language service provider prior to the start of any project.
SEO translation is a specialized form of marketing translation services. Its goal is to translate and optimize content for locally used keywords and improve search engine rankings for companies in international markets.
The cost of marketing translation services depends on variables such as language pairs required, number of words, complexity of the campaign, and other specific project requirements. Refer to our rates for a price list, or request a call with our localization experts for a customized quote.