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Multilingual SEO & SEO Translation

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Web texts that top search results and are a genuine pleasure to read: Our SEO translation service might just be the missing piece in your global content strategy strategy.


Why Milengo?

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SEO for multilingual websites

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Local keyword research

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ISO-certified translations

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100% native speakers

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What is SEO translation?

Imagine you launch your website in a new language, but customers give you the cold shoulder treatment. The truth is: mere translation won’t save you. From blog posts to product copy – if you want translated content to perform better, you need to invest in multilingual SEO. Start boosting your global search rankings now and make your foray into new markets an even greater success.


of customers would rather buy in their own language


of internet users never scroll past the first page of search results


of B2B marketers state that organic traffic generates the most lead

Better rankings? It’s SEO easy!

Better rankings? It’s SEO easy! Why trust Milengo to support your international SEO efforts? Because we offer a unique blend of services: 30 years of localization excellence. Highly scalable translation capacity. A track record in rolling-out digital marketing campaigns in dozens of languages. And state-of-the-art SEO tools and tactics to kickstart your content strategy on a global level.

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Keywords for international campaigns

Search behavior and buying habits vary from country to country. We help you pin down the ideal SEO keywords for each market. First we analyze relevant parameters such as search volume, search intent and keyword difficulty. Then we select the best performing variants for translation so that people find your content across languages, regions and search engines.

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Hyper-targeted content

The number 1 ranking factor according to Google’s John Mueller? Awesomeness! Or, in other words, high-quality content. That’s why we aim to preserve the impact of your messaging by drawing on a deep knowledge of local cultures and markets. The result: no generic translations, but unique and truly localized texts that drive user engagement and sales in your local markets.

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Take your
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