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The perfect fit

Transcreation is a bespoke marketing translation service: expertly crafted texts finely tuned to allow your brand to create a lasting impact in your audience's language.


Why Milengo?

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Premium translations for marketing and PR

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Multilingual copywriters

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Creative reworking of slogans, taglines, etc.

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Cultural adaption of content

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Focus on close collaboration

Transcreation vs translation: When to use what?

Enter transcreation, our translation service designed for texts that need an extra finesse, and maybe even some creative and cultural adaptation too. It’s the perfect solution when you don’t just need to pass along information, but also want to intrigue, engage, or motivate your audience.

  • Global marketing campaigns
  • Taglines and slogans
  • Brochures and newsletters
  • Blogs
  • Employee communication
  • Press releases
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For words in the spotlight

Our translators aren’t just cultural experts, they’re also copywriters with a marketing background and a way with words. We fine-tune your translation until it hits that linguistic sweet spot. Sometimes we employ creative solutions – like with slogans that won’t work in another culture. At other times, all we need to do is tweak the source text a little. Whatever we do, we always do what’s right for your brand!

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Your brand's voice in other languages

With transcreation, we take your text and tailor it to your local market and target audience by weaving in your stylistic guidelines, corporate language, buyer personas, and product characteristics. Through briefings and feedback sessions, we refine translations until they resonate with the target culture – thus making sure your message reaches your audiences in exactly the way you want it to.

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Authentic impact

Why does McDonald’s use the tagline I’m lovin‘ it! in the U.S. but the equivalent of I just like it! in China? Because the best translations are not carbon copies of the original. In advertising and marketing, the aim isn’t just making sure your audience understands your message – you need to generate more clicks, leads, and sales, too. That’s why our translation approach focuses on your content goals, rather than simply following the original beat for beat.

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Transcreation for your

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