Terminology Management

Safeguard consistency

As businesses grow, inconsistencies in corporate language can often arise as multiple teams from across the enterprise collaborate on the same project. These inconsistencies, when identified, cost valuable time and money to correct. Term bases and glossaries can help to ensure language consistency across international products, eliminate the risks associated with legal or branding issues, and reduce the overall cost of your localization efforts.

All linguistic assets managed centrally by Milengo terminology experts

Full support in identifying suitable term candidates in source content

Approved terminology applied throughout all projects to ensure consistency

Ensure business-critical terminology is applied correctly in all target markets

Terminology expertise

Milengo’s terminology experts can work with you to analyze the concepts and structures used in your business with the aim of building a dedicated glossary and list of standard terminology. Our collaborative translation workflow then ensures that all linguistic assets are managed centrally and shared between translators.

If you already work with term bases or glossaries, Milengo can easily leverage your existing assets. We accept all database and file formats and can help you check and update them, if necessary, before starting a new project. Terminology management can play an integral role in many types of localization projects – from technical translation to post-edited machine translation. Proper implementation will enable you to standardize your corporate language, improve product usability, reduce the cost of localization, and deliver a clear message to your customers in all languages.

Over the long term, terminology work always pays off both in terms of the text quality and the reduction in time and costs. Finding the right solution is a question of determining your individual needs – and we’re here to advise you.

Pia Kolwe
Terminology Manager, Milengo

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