About Milengo

translation agency About MilengoMilengo is a translation agency that helps international companies in the IT, software, and high-tech industries to do business in over 70 different languages. We offer professional localization and translation services that help global businesses communicate with their employees, partners, and customers anywhere in the world. Despite our global reach, we remain a relatively small company that works with customers who value a flexible, friendly service.

Milengo is built on a flexible and cost-efficient global infrastructure that allows us to consistently deliver a high-quality service level that exceeds our clients’ expectations. Customers with complex workflows and technical requirements benefit most from Milengo’s services, and our worldwide offices allow us to adapt to the different requirements of global enterprises at a local level.

Milengo is a technology agnostic company which means we’re not tied to any particular translation tool or technology. Instead, we use the tools and technologies that best address our customers’ needs.

At Milengo, client satisfaction is central to everything we do. We’re proud to be different. If you’re looking for a cost-effective, flexible, and technology-independent approach to website localization, translation services, or machine translation services, please contact us today.