Managed MT

Translation packages at fixed costs

Calculating the costs of translation is a notoriously complex undertaking, one that makes budget planning for localization projects difficult. That’s why we’re breaking new ground with Managed MT: We create a fixed-price quote based on your quality specifications and the projected translation volume, thereby setting new standards in cost-efficiency.

Advantages at a glance

Flat fee subscription model to simplify budget planning

Define the quality that best suits your business objectives

Combine the best of both AI and human expertise to reach your customers faster and cheaper

Highly automated workflows streamline localization

Custom-tailored quality

Companies can have differing requirements for translation quality: For some, the standardized use of terminology takes center stage, whereas for others, establishing a consistent writing style in all of their material is key. We find the best solution for you by analyzing your requirements profile and tailoring our Managed MT solution precisely to it. All translations are reviewed by specialist experts from your field to ensure that they meet your quality expectations.

Areas of Application

Technical documentaion

Product descriptions and specifications

Data Sheets

White Papers

Managed MT engine

Managed MT represents the culmination of the latest findings in artificial intelligence and neural networks. Since our MT engines are tailored to our customers’ needs, they achieve significantly better results than consumer technologies such as Google Translate do. Moreover, security and data protection take top priority: Your data is never accessible to third parties.


Our LanguageDesk customer portal gives you full control: Manage your translation projects via intuitive dashboards and receive detailed information on translation quality, delivery times, translation volumes, and much more. Another bonus: Connecting the cloud platform to your CMS or PIM makes it possible to conveniently automate the transfer of translation files into your Managed MT environment.

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Managed MT

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