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Technical Translation

Technical translations, tailored to your industry

Technical documentation has been our specialty since Milengo was founded 1992 in a tiny Berlin office. Whether manufacturing, mechanical engineering or software – trust in Milengo when technical expertise and accuracy matter


Why Milengo?

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Language + technical proficiency

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Certified terminology management

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Client-optimized machine translation

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Consulting on process automation

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Speak the language of your global user base

The translation of technical documents takes more than linguistic prowess. Familiarity with your industry, a nuanced understanding of product terminology and awareness of formal conventions are equally crucial. That is why our translators are hand-picked according to your very specific industry segment – be it CAD/CAM, automotive solutions or telecommunications. This committment to quality is no mere lip service: Our work is backed up by industry standards like ISO 17100, designed to increase the satisfaction of your users and make your products accessible across language barriers.

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Terminological precision your customers can rely on

Correct terminology is crucial when communicating in technical industries, as inaccurate translations could lead to a customer not correctly understanding or even improperly using your product. Multilingual glossaries ensure that relevant terminology for your industry and products is strictly applied throughout all your translation projects. We offer a seamless process for terminology extraction, translation and validation, supported by our tools and staff. Engage in a conversation with our ECQA-certified terminology managers to find out how an investment in terminology management adds value to your business.

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Tech-enabled services to optimize translation spend

Cutting costs while maintaining optimal quality is a balancing act for many documentation managers. From selecting the right technology to defining efficient publishing workflows – we develop solutions that perfectly fit your budget requirements. Need to turn around large quantities of technical content in a short amount of time? Discover our state-of-the-art machine translation (MT) solutions. Milengo‘s AI-powered MT systems are specially trained for your industry, unlocking cost savings of 30 percent and beyond.

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Eliminate inefficiencies that hurt your publishing schedule

Complex doc formats, tight deadlines, massive content volumes – an automated, no-frills workflow is crucial to battle these challenges of technical translation. Our localization engineers continually search for ways to optimize and automate processes, achieving annual efficiency increases of over 10 % for our clients. Thanks to an open API, our services can blend seamlessly into your content authoring tools. As a technology-agnostic vendor, we’re no fans of a “one size fits all” approach – instead, we always choose the best setup for you.

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We needed the highest quality translation in the shortest time possible. Machine translation with post-editing has exceeded all our expectations, while also reducing our costs

Yitzik Brenman – Sr. Documentation Manager, Snowflake

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