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Milengo is a certified localization services provider that has been operating successfully on the market for over 25 years. Our expert team coordinates tailormade, highly cost-effective, and fit-for-purpose localization initiatives on your behalf – alongside offering strict quality controls and a modular, AI-based localization platform.

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Localizing software – especially when it comes to complex industries like business intelligence, big data, or blockchain – requires a high degree of expertise. After all, you have to ensure that international customers will be able to use your product in their native language and without any comprehension issues.

To this end, we select a team of experienced specialist translators who are well-acquainted with your industry and the intricacies of software localization from a carefully curated pool of linguists that we’ve been building for over two decades. We also offer certified terminology management, which means that we consistently rely on established quality standards like ISO 17100.

Achieving the maximum impact with your translation budget

Let’s be honest – localization budgets often leave little room for maneuver. Keeping costs down while maintaining optimal quality is a balancing act for many localization managers. That’s why we’ll work in close collaboration with you to achieve maximum cost-efficiency. From seamless onboarding, to selecting the right localization technology, right through to defining the most effective translation processes – we can create tailormade localization initiatives that are fully in line with your requirements profile. A dedicated contact partner from our team will be by your side throughout the entire collaborative process.

We can also advise you on whether using a workflow made up of machine translation and post-editing by localization experts would work for your content type. Our ultramodern MT systems are based on artificial intelligence and deep learning, and will be specially trained according to your company requirements. This kind of approach is particularly suitable for large volumes of software documentation and can achieve cost savings of up to 60 percent.

Are you ready for agile localization?

The era of agile software development calls for a dynamic approach to localization projects. Many small text blocks have to be translated as part of agile sprints, as content updates tend to occur every few days or weeks.

Our localization platform uses ultramodern automated workflows in which the texts to be translated are extracted from your source code systems and updated again after translation. Milengo offers a localization platform for this purpose that can be connected to repository tools like Git, GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket. This technical integration will save you much time and effort in exporting and importing translated content.

In-context software localization

When texts are exported from software code, visualizing the context in which they will appear often becomes difficult. However, translators need to know the end purpose of the UI strings they are localizing. That’s why context is crucial when localizing software products.

Milengo has many years of experience with client-specific workflows and tools for in-context translation. We identify the tools and workflows best suited to displaying the context with the aid of your source files so that translators are more or less able to view the final version of the text. If this doesn’t suffice, we can also establish a clearly defined query management process in close coordination with you in order to pool and manage questions from translators in the one place.

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