Multimedia localization

Milengo is a certified translation services provider that has been operating successfully on the market for over 30 years. Our expert team coordinates tailormade and highly cost-effective translation initiatives on your behalf – alongside offering stringent quality controls and a modular, AI-based translation platform.

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Why Choose Milengo

One-stop shop for multimedia localization

Modular, cost-efficient service options

Available in all conventional multimedia formats

Text-to-speech with QA checks

High-quality translations certified in accordance with ISO 17100

Multimedia localization to suit your budget

If you have a large workforce or user base, your company’s e-learning costs can quickly skyrocket. It’s not always easy to justify your return on investment per employee trained – especially if your overseas target audience is relatively small.

We know you want to improve your global reach and make the most of your training budget.
That’s why we offer different quality tiers for the localization of your media content – from premium translation with expert proofreading included to machine translation workflows.
You can also choose the best sound recording service for your budget, whether that’s an AI optimized text-to-speech solution with QA by a native speaker, a professional voice artist performance, or something in between.

Rich content for every language

How-to videos, micro-learning content, traditional presentation slides – modern e-learning programs contain a myriad of moving parts. Being able to offer so many different types of content is a great feeling – until you realize you need to compile it all for translation and coordinate it with other activities such as subtitling, dubbing and desktop publishing.

As a one-stop shop for multimedia localization, Milengo handles this headache so you don’t have to. Complex toolkits and file formats like the full Adobe and Articulate suite, Camtasia, HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript and SCORM are our bread and butter. You focus on creating fantastic content – we’ll deal with the rest.

On-brand e-learning

Do you want to set up a learning academy for your customers? Maybe you want to keep your Management team abreast of important changes in compliance law? Ensuring that your e learning content fulfils the necessary quality requirements in every language and accounts for cultural differences is essential to the success of any company.

Milengo is the perfect partner for this job. Thanks to our global team of experienced specialist translators, project managers and engineering experts, plus quality standards that have been internationally certified in accordance with ISO 17100, you can rest easy knowing that our services will meet your expectations in terms of both budget and linguistic precision. We will work closely with you to choose suitable voice artists for your project, read through your training scripts, and incorporate any feedback you give us.

In perfect sync

International companies – especially those in the compliance sector – often require training programs that will launch simultaneously in several different countries. Localizing such training courses is often a tricky task. With the all the planning involved, including booking studios and voice artists, it doesn’t take much to throw a spanner in the works and delay the entire process.

Our production centers have spent over two decades refining cost and workflow-optimized processes for multimedia localization. With our system, you will be able to launch review cycles and feedback for your international teams with just a few clicks of your mouse, via our LanguageDesk customer portal. And if you have any queries or concerns, all you have to do is contact the experienced project manager assigned to your project.

Smart alternative to classic voice-over

AI Voiceover Pro from Milengo makes complex audio production a thing of the past. The service is based on cutting-edge text-to-speech technology – the conversion of text into synthetic speech, where the speaking voice is generated using the latest AI and deep learning techniques. Milengo’s AI Voiceover Pro features a specially developed quality assurance process, where native speaker specialists check the audio output and correct the emphasis and flow of the spoken voice.

The result is professionally narrated multimedia content for video, training and E-Learning programs. The benefits range from significantly lower costs to leaner planning cycles, thereby easing the pressure on your internal teams.

Click here for an audio sample of this brand new service. 

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