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Milengo is a certified translation services provider that has been supporting high-tech companies across the world in implementing international marketing campaigns for over 25 years. Our teams of experienced marketing translators reliably convey your brand identity, while our sophisticated marketing system integrations and workflow automations ensure that you have more time to strategically plan your marketing initiatives.

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Why Choose Milengo

Marketing campaign transcreation without losing its original message

Professional translators who are specialized in marketing and sales

Direct integration in your sales and marketing platforms

25 years of experience in the industry

Automated translation review process

Effective brand messaging around the world

A lot of important things can get lost in translation when it comes to marketing campaigns – whether it’s the finer points of your corporate language, your precise focus on a specific target audience, or even your international marketing campaign’s success. This can cause frustration among your international marketing and sales teams and impact global company turnover.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we at Milengo know how important it is to adapt an international marketing campaign’s message to the respective target market. That’s why we only hire professional translators who are able to bring a wealth of experience in the area of marketing and sales to the table. In close collaboration with you, we can analyze buyer personas in the respective target markets, compile language-specific style guides, and adopt a more creative process (transcreation) for content such as claims and banner ads.

Integrations for content management and marketing automation systems

From websites, to print brochures and e-mail marketing, right through to social media and PPC campaigns – corporate marketing can take the guise of many different text types, content variations, and file formats. It’s easy to lose sight of the overall picture when coordinating this content, especially if you’re juggling different languages.

That’s why Milengo takes over all technical aspects of translation for you. Our localization platform can be integrated directly into existing marketing and sales solutions like Marketo, Adobe Experience Manager, and Salesforce as well as content management systems like Sitecore, Drupal, and WordPress. This means that you can get your global marketing initiatives off the ground faster and dedicate yourself to strategic marketing projects thanks to a reduced administrative workload.

Excellence and efficiency for over 25 years

Experience, dependability, and reliability are important criteria when selecting a translation services provider. Milengo has been supporting global players for over 25 years in implementing their global marketing campaigns. Our service approach is envisioned as long-term, as the average length of cooperation with our corporate clients is eight years.

In order for global advertising campaigns to truly reflect the nature of local markets, we work exclusively with marketing translators who are native speakers from the respective target country. With a carefully curated pool of over 1,000 experts that we’ve been building for over two decades, we put together the perfect team of linguists who are familiar with the requirements of your industry and will reliably convey your company’s corporate language and stylistic preferences.

Automated review process for international marketing campaigns

Coordinating the review process for translated marketing content for an array of languages with the local marketing and sales teams often poses a challenge to companies who are active around the globe.

Milengo makes this process seamless for you. With the aid of our localization platform’s review tools and workflows, we optimize and automate the collaboration process with your regional marketing teams. Your multilingual reviewers can conveniently proofread translations via our secure online portal LanguageDesk and send feedback at the drop of a hat. The result is an incredibly consistent marketing campaign in every language – without the headaches.

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