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Reaching global audiences

Milengo can help you remove the headaches of international market expansion and global product launches with marketing translation tailored to your business aims. Our specialized linguistic teams place a great deal of focus on engaging with your content and brand. This enables us to ensure that your corporate voice is kept consistent for all local audiences and your marketing messages are delivered effectively to customers around the globe.

Your campaign message is adapted to each language without losing its original message

We work with your developers and IT team or provide fully outsourced website localization

All transcreation is carried out by professional linguists with sales, marketing, and advertising backgrounds

Dedicated engineering resources for ensuring all non-linguistic file elements, website infrastructure, and navigation are tested during localization

Full service spectrum

We also understand that your content can’t simply be translated word-for-word. Milengo also offers transcreation services focused on delivering specific types of messages, such as taglines and slogans, in a way that is relevant to your local audiences but true to your original objective.

Milengo also offers terminology management services to guarantee that your product and brand message is delivered consistently throughout the different types of content that you produce. Product names that should not be localized, specific terms that your teams in local offices require for industry accuracy – efficient terminology management led by Milengo ensures that your collateral is correct down to the last detail.

Multilingual desktop publishing guarantees that your corporate design is translated over to content for local markets. Alongside our linguistic services, Milengo can also maintain the layout, design and overall style of your multilingual publications across different language versions.

It’s often very challenging for international companies to coordinate the process of reviewing translated marketing texts across various regional subsidiaries, involving a large number of reviewers. The Milengo customer portal provides an intuitive user interface for easily and effectively managing feedback rounds for a number of languages.

Sonja Rittmann
Account Manager, Milengo

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