Experience Next-Level Localization With Managed MT!

Experience Next-Level Localization With Managed MT!

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Managed MT is our vision of the future for the localization industry. This service combines state-of-the-art AI technology with highly reliable human translation and an innovative workflow. Our clients benefit from a transparent subscription model and customizable translation quality at a fraction of the usual price.

Order a free feasibility study

Request a pilot project from us and we will help you to determine if Managed MT can meet your company’s needs. If the evaluation goes smoothly, then you will be able to use our ultra-modern translation service to your advantage.

Get your very own test report

Send us a sample text of your choice, and we will test how well it works with our Managed MT engine. We will provide you with the results in the form of an in-depth test report, so that you can see the high level of quality it achieves for yourself.

Invest in cutting-edge technology

If the pilot project is a success, then we will be able to offer you a groundbreaking service that generates significant efficiency gains by means of machine learning and artificial intelligence.