German language service provider Milengo expands to the US

  • December 6, 2021
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German language service provider Milengo expands to the US

December 6,2021,Berlin. Milengo, a German ISO-certified language service provider (LSP) expands into the USA with its tailored translation and localization solutions for global companies. Launching their first office in New York will allow Milengo to provide local support for its North American customers and grow in the American market.

Recognized among Top-100 leading LSPs in the world, Milengo has been helping companies to make cultural adaptation and localization easy and affordable for almost 30 years by using advanced technological solutions. Milengo is a one-stop shop for technical and marketing translations, software localization, as well as multimedia and e-learning localization services. Combining a global pool of more than 1,200 qualified in-country linguists with an in-house team of machine translation and language AI experts, allows Milengo to offer their customers tailored solutions to match their quality and budget expectations in the best way. Milengo works with over 440 companies worldwide, from scale-ups to large international corporations, to produce projects in over 100 target languages.

The new office will officially open on December, 6th in New York. To celebrate the launch, Milengo will grant their new US customers a 10% discount on their first project.

“The decision to expand on the US market and open an office here was a logical step in our business strategy,” said Roman Kotzsch, CEO of Milengo – “Many IT software, hardware, electronics, and industrial engineering companies located here aim to expand to Europe and other foreign markets, and a local presence allows us to meet customers where they live and service them most effectively. We are happy to provide our US clients high-quality translation and localization services to make their overseas product launches or international marketing campaigns as effective as the domestic ones”.

Precisely — the global leader in data integrity — is one of the companies operating on the USA market already serviced by Milengo.

“As the leader in data integrity with customers in more than 100 countries, being able to deliver content that is in keeping with our brand promise of accuracy, consistency and context is really important to us. We have been using Milengo’s language services for many years, and are glad to collaborate with such a reliable partner. Their sense of client service is second to none, and they consistently deliver high quality translations in shortest turnaround time. Milengo is supporting many of our product lines localization into many languages, and supporting us in ensuring local market adaptation. We are glad to consider them more as partners than service providers” — says Jerome Selinger, Manager for Globalization Programs at Precisely.

To achieve maximum increase in localization efficiency and cost savings, Milengo uses a hybrid translation process with client-specific enterprise machine translation engines, and post-editing by human subject-matter expert translators. To make the management process easier for the customer, the company integrates their localization platform with existing marketing and sales platforms, website content management systems and source code repositories.

About Milengo

Milengo ( is an ISO 17100 certified language service provider with over 30 years of industry experience. With a strong emphasis on consultation, Milengo designs tailor-made translation and localization campaigns for customers in the IT software, hardware, electronics and industrial engineering sectors. In doing so, the company focuses on the central requirements of these markets: industry-specific linguistic and cultural expertise, process speed and cost efficiency. Milengo treats each customer individually to suggest technology options and customized localization solutions that go in line with their business goals. The services provided by Milengo include: Software Localization, Multimedia Localization, Machine Translation & Post-Editing, Technical Documentation Localization, Terminology Management, and Marketing Translation.

US Office:

47th Avenue, Long Island City

New York 11101


Phone: +1 646 774 0230

Open Hours: Mo-Fr 8:30 am –5:30 pm



Katya Churbanova

PR Manager

Milengo GmbH