E-Commerce Localization

Delivering a native shopping experience

Getting customers around the world to keep coming back to your store can rely heavily on delivering a valuable experience, extending beyond simply providing an easily navigable website to providing product information in the language they are most comfortable with. This is why Milengo exclusively uses professional, native-speaking, in-country linguists specializing in E-Commerce localization, so you can be assured that translation is performed by individuals who truly understand their market and the culture of consumers there. We also research and localize keyword lists for use in translated webshop content. This boosts the visibility of your shop in search engines and helps target the specific search trends of customers in foreign markets.

Cost-efficient solution that delivers high-quality translations at a significantly reduced cost

Keyword lists researched and localized for use in translated store content

API integration between your content management system and Milengo's LanguageDesk portal

More engaging shopping experience for your customers around the world

Cost-effective, automated solutions

By automating the translation process through API integration with Milengo’s free-to-use LanguageDesk portal, we are able to offer a key advantage: the same high-quality results that you need but at significantly lower per-word rates than standard translation. Simply put, this is much more cost-effective than an in-house solution, and your valuable internal resources are able to focus on their core roles.

Our approach has been developed to meet the specific needs of busy E-Commerce sites operating globally. Products are constantly being updated, with new ones added and out-of-stock ones removed, and additional countries are added as you identify opportunities in new regions; this requires a solution that is flexible and scalable enough to help you get products on the virtual shelf within very short timeframes and, crucially, within budget.

We had all of our content localized exactly on time and within budget. Obviously, we were very happy with the process and the results, and we’ve kept working with Milengo since, constantly adding products to the catalog in several different countries and languages.

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