Multilingual CMS Solutions

If you use a Content Management System to run a multilingual website, are you still tied to a copy and paste translation workflow? If you are, you’re like many of the customers we talk to, and as their website grows and more languages are added, so the pain of a manual workflow really begins to bite. An integrated Multilingual CMS solution is the answer.

The Solution

We recognize that moving content between systems for translation is one of the biggest challenges facing companies with a multilingual web presence, especially since the pressure to create and translate more and more content will continue to grow. That’s why we’ve partnered with Clay Tablet Technologies to offer our customers a fully automated translation solution for content management systems.

Clay Tablet offers a powerful multilingual CMS translation management solution that combines plug-in Connectors and a cloud-based central Platform that offer a seamlessly integrated and fully automated way of moving content between your CMS and translation provider.

Connectors easily link your CMS with our translation technology and make sending and retrieving content for translation, fast and simple. An overview of the translation job is provided via an integrated job tracking dashboard allowing you to see that content has been received, is being worked on, is ready for review or is being delivered. Translations then get returned straight back into your CMS, ready to publish.

As online content becomes increasingly more important, Milengo and Clay Tablet are ideally placed to help you solve the translation challenges this presents. For more information or for a free consultation, use the contact button below and one of our team will be happy to show you how you could benefit from a Milengo/Clay Tablet multilingual CMS translation management solution.


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