Website Localization

Your website is an online shop window and more often than not the first port of call for potential customers.

Marketing Translation

Recognizing the Potential

Delivering a multilingual website represents a huge opportunity when entering into new markets. Presenting your products and services to your global customers in their native language is the best way to ensure engagement and adoption.

Whatever your industry, our subject matter experts can make sure translated versions of your website stay true to the original, relevant to your target audience, and of the same high quality across all languages.

Multimedia and Graphics

Visitors to your site will likely be able to experience a variety of media content that complements your written copy. In order to ensure the effectiveness of your online presence in global markets, Milengo also offers services for multimedia localization and multilingual desktop publishing. This brings your company’s message to your audiences in a truly captivating way.

Your Benefits

  • Dedicated engineering resources for ensuring all non-linguistic file elements, site infrastructure, and navigation are tested during localization
  • We work with your developers and IT team or provide fully outsourced website localization
  • Additional services such as graphics and multimedia localization to complement translation efforts
  • Consultation on the most appropriate workflows for your website localization

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