Technical Translation

Technical translation is the heart of any initiative to provide multilingual product support and usability.

Marketing Translation

Technical Expertise

Technical know-how is just as crucial as refined linguistic skills. Milengo translators are carefully selected for their joint subject matter expertise and mastery of their native language, ensuring both a high level of linguistic accuracy and a solid technical understanding.

Harnessing Technology

Milengo prides itself on its ability to call upon a wide range of different technologies in order to offer a broad spectrum of solutions. Translation memory technology and terminology management services ensure absolute consistency and linguistic accuracy. Our experience in all industry-standard authoring tools allows us to handle all common document types and deliver files in your format of choice – ready to publish.

We are also able to offer customized post-edited machine translation services for the localization of technical documentation. This approach has been proven to reduce costs and increase productivity, allowing you to support customers in more markets, faster.

Your Benefits

  • All translators are native-speaking professional linguists based in their home country
  • Technical translators are selected for domain expertise, ensuring they understand your text, your products, and your industry
  • Glossary and terminology management services enable you to achieve language consistency in every translation project on an enterprise-wide level
  • Our translation style guides are tailored to your company, ensuring stylistic consistency in every project
  • Rigorous quality control ensures accurate and reliable translations

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