Software Localization

Distributing software globally has become easier than ever thanks to the reach of the Internet.

Marketing Translation

Reaching Global Users with Software Localization

The success of your software product in target markets rests on many factors, among them linguistic and contextual accuracy, usability, and functionality. As a Language Service Provider, Milengo recognizes its role in safeguarding this success for our customers.

Reaching your global user base is about providing a product that they can use seamlessly in their native language. Furthermore, users are much more likely to adopt a product that has been localized into their language and remain loyal to the service.

Experts in Software

Milengo’s in-country linguists are specialists in the field of software localization, guaranteeing native familiarity with the local language characteristics of your target markets. We are also able to offer the very same specialization across a wealth of languages, including bidirectional, such as Arabic and Hebrew, and double-byte, such as Chinese and Korean.

As standard, we make use of the latest industry technology for localization, ensuring translations in your files remain consistent throughout and no errors that could undermine their integrity are introduced. We also offer terminology management services to further bolster the consistency and linguistic accuracy of your translations.

Your Benefits

  • Specialist, in-country linguists working primarily in the field of software localization
  • Dedicated engineering for all types of applications and file formats
  • Support for bidirectional and double-byte languages
  • Industry-standard translation memory and terminology technology for linguistic consistency and accuracy

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