Multimedia Localization

In today’s digital age, information takes many more forms than simple words on a page – from audio and video to interactive websites and Flash multimedia.

Global Audiences

With content appearing in such a variety of multimedia formats, it is important to take a targeted approach that focuses on localizing with each specific target market or region in mind. Information can be delivered through audio, video, animation, and presentations, and all this needs to be conveyed in a way that is relevant to global audiences while remaining true to the original message.

Deliver Locally

It’s extremely important that your brand maintains a consistent impression throughout your global presence. Milengo can take your multimedia content and adapt it to look, sound, and feel absolutely local, so customers engage with your company just the way you intended.

Multimedia content can also be a crucial feature in your company e-learning material or on your website. Milengo’s global e-learning and website localization services rely heavily on our expertise in this field to ensure that your media content, wherever it appears, reaches the customers and staff that help grow your business.

Your Benefits

  • In-country teams ensure multimedia content is localized to fit the target language and local market
  • Extensive global pool of native-speaking voice and acting talent in up to 70 languages
  • Dedicated in-house production resources for script creation, talent management, voice recording, editing, and mastering
  • Comprehensive suite of multimedia authoring tools ensure your localized projects remain true to the original and are delivered ready to publish
  • Milengo works directly with your creative agency or provides fully outsourced production facilities

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