Multilingual Desktop Publishing

Multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) ensures that all content and document types match the original source format and meet all standards that apply throughout international markets.

Meet Market Standards

DTP is an extremely important part of the localization workflow for numerous content types – from large technical manuals to attractive product brochures and corporate collateral. Specialists in multilingual DTP are not only experts in all industry-standard software packages, they are also able to recognize the critical typographical standards of different language markets. This ensures that your content is delivered in a way that looks and feels absolutely local for your target audience.

Full Language Support

Milengo maintains the layout, design, and overall style of your multilingual publications across different language versions. Our offshore DTP specialists are able to work with all major file formats and adapt layouts for double-characters and bidirectional languages. We also integrate this workflow step heavily into our marketing translation and technical translation services so that your content is delivered back to you ready to publish or print.

Your Benefits

  • Specialist teams with experience with all popular authoring and DTP tools
  • Layout adaptation for double-byte and bidirectional languages
  • Direct collaboration with your designers or a fully outsourced DTP solution
  • Your existing tools and workflows can be used by Milengo to ensure translated documents closely fit the format of your source files
  • Consultation on how to optimize your workflow for multilingual publishing
  • Files are delivered ready to publish or print