Global E-Learning

Localizing e-learning material can be an extremely cost-effective way to ensure that your global staff and customers are receiving the relevant training in their native language.

Global E-learning

Train Globally

With the increasingly global presence of enterprises, making training material easily accessible to employees and customers throughout different locales is a huge focus. Effective e-learning localization can ensure that such material is rolled out simultaneously across of all of your target markets.

Comprehensive Solution

Milengo provides a full range of training and e-learning localization solutions for all your employee and customer education programs. Our teams of in-country linguists and subject matter experts make sure all your global e-learning content is delivered in a manner that respects, and is relevant to, the target locale, ensuring absolute engagement and retention.

Multimedia localization services are an integral part of our global e-learning solutions. We are able to work with an extensive set of industry-standard tools to ensure that your training material provides the intended experience, both linguistically and visually.

Your Benefits

  • Comprehensive service spectrum covering audio, video, and interactive content
  • Roll out e-learning material simultaneously across target markets
  • Milengo expertise in industry-standard Learning Management Systems
  • Translation performed by in-country subject matter experts

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