Post-Edited Machine Translation

Milengo has been successfully building customized machine translation (MT) engines for highly specialized businesses in the IT domain since 2009.

Expand Reach, Reduce Cost

With the increasing need to expand the global reach of content, many localization managers find they have to adapt significantly in order to get more out of their budget. For certain material, such as documentation, product/parts catalogues, and user-generated content, a machine translation post-editing (MT-PE) solution can allow you to reach more people in less time and with significantly less cost.

MT Expertise

MT is a highly specialized field in the translation industry. Milengo’s engineers and Solutions Architects are working at the very forefront of this in order to deliver the full scope of benefits that can be obtained. Our service spectrum here extends from initial consultation and planning to the ongoing sourcing, training, and optimization of data and linguistic assets for MT engines.

In order to determine whether your content might be suitable for an MT workflow, Milengo offers a free MT Feasibility Study. During this pilot project, Milengo’s specialists investigate whether MT would be a viable option based on your individual requirements with regard to language pairs, content types, budget, and schedule expectations. Participants in the MT Feasibility Study will receive a detailed report covering the steps taken, analysis of engine output, and projected pricing for a future MT solution for their content.

Your Benefits

  • Cost reductions of 30% and above can be achieved for certain content types when using a MT-PE approach
  • Productivity benefits also of 30% and above when compared to a traditional translation workflow
  • Ongoing MT engine training and optimization performed by Milengo’s specialists
  • Free MT Feasibility Study to assess the viability of an MT solution for your content

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