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  • 5 Strategies for Technical Translations

    Sooner or later, most international companies will need to translate technical documentation. Manuals, user guides, white papers, data sheets – these all need to...

  • Multilingual Desktop Publishing: Doing it Right

    Across the international business sector, multilingual desktop publishing is a high-demand service. With an increasingly global customer base, it becomes necessary to publish brochures,...

Milengo to Hire Client Services Manager at Berlin Headquarters

The team at our Berlin headquarters has seen some exciting new additions recently. Now we’re looking to continue this expansion by welcoming a Client Services Manager to our office in the German capital. This position will serve to bolster our commitment to helping clients bring their products and brands effectively into worldwide markets. The Client […]

Author imageBy , 18/3/2014
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Localization Management Series Part 3: Machine Translation

It must be tough tackling localization management these days. On the one hand, you’re facing pressure from senior management to both reduce localization expenditure but also ensure that the linguistic quality of translations does not suffer, whilst on the other, you’re receiving requests from customers and partners to provide *even* more localized content to them […]

Author imageBy , 16/7/2013
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Localization Solution of the Moment Series Part 1

In the first part of our “Solution of the Moment” series our localization solutions architect Jakub describes a new automation tool he created which saved a project both time and money. 1. The localization solution challenge One of our customers uses Multilizer 5 as their localization software, which stores translation documents in a custom file […]

Author imageBy , 14/5/2013
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When we say Machine Translation, we don’t mean Google Translate.

What do you mean Machine Translation isn’t the same as Google Translate? Despite its increasingly commonplace presence in the localization market, machine translation (MT) still cannot quite escape the stigma which Google Translate (GT) has unwittingly created. Certainly in my experience of talking to localization buyers about machine translation, it is remarkable how often people […]

Author imageBy , 10/5/2013
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Localization Management 2: Selecting an LSP that Suits Your Needs

Here is our second installment of our ongoing Localization Management series. You can read Part 1: Getting the Team on Board here. Localization is a critical function of any company looking to succeed in international markets. If you are the person in charge of localization management for your company, you need to partner with an […]

Author imageBy , 6/5/2013
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Localization Management 1:Getting the Team on Board

This is the first article of our comprehensive and ongoing series focused on Localization Management. We will be covering all bases when it comes to Localization Management. Everything from strategy implementation to tips for success and every detail in between. Enjoy! Companies choose to localize for either one of two reasons: they’re reacting to a […]

Author imageBy , 16/4/2013
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More Tips on Finding the Right Language Service Provider

This is the second part in our series on choosing the right language service provider (LSP). You can read the first part right here via this link. Today we continue our discussion on the relationship between international companies and translation agencies, and share insights on how to work effectively with your translators. Before you take the plunge and commit to an LSP, these are a few points to keep in mind.

Author imageBy , 27/3/2013
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How to Find the Right Language Service Provider EVERY TIME

This is the first in a series of articles on choosing an LSP. Over the coming weeks we’ll be sharing our thoughts on how to find the ideal team of translators for any particular project. It’s not easy finding a good language service provider. Professional translators are in no short supply; a quick Google search […]

Author imageBy , 11/1/2013
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Simple Tips for Success with Multilingual Desktop Publishing

This is the second part in a series on multilingual desktop publishing. In our first article, we shared some insights on developing a good workflow. Today, we highlight some of the common pitfalls with multilingual DTP projects, and how you can avoid them. The points outlined here are relevant for anyone involved in multilingual desktop […]

Author imageBy , 15/11/2012
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Best Practices for eLearning Localization (Continued)

This is the second part in our series on e-learning localization. Read the first article here. Today we discuss some important technical aspects of the localization process. Preparing Your eLearning Course for Localization First of all, you need access to the relevant materials. Not just the instructional content, but anything and everything connected to your […]

Author imageBy , 30/10/2012
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